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Simala, Cebu

view from the north


for a go pro,
a cheap knock-off,
or at least
a kitkat or lollipop
with a snapper,
to capture a run.

with big smiles and all,
flying at high speed,
spinning a good cadence
even on high gear.

perhaps a personal record?
unverified, obviously!
in the absence of a cyclocomputer,
timed only with a trusty wristwatch.

on a discovered trail months ago,
rinsed out weekly
with friends, mainly solo,
in mud, sand, and rocks
be it rainy or sunny,
morning or afternoon.

the sounds of the city, muted, forgotten.

by the quiet of nature:
whispering wind, shuffling leaves,
trail side mammals, bird songs.

only the rolling of rubber
through loam, hardpack,
rock gardens, & sandy sections.
tumbling rocks, dried dead plants
the odd pedal strike.
Pure. Earth.

morning dew moistens the face, wild grass cut the arms and legs,
shadowing lovely green trees
soothing your core temps.

a glorious sun,
filtered through soft clouds
cold december morning air
makes for perfect riding conditions.

freshly cut sugarcane
left a most wonderful view,
rolling hills for kilometers on end
rows of empty fields.
+ a random truck with harvesters.

roaring, brapping all the way,
berming, screaming gnar!
smiling, laughing, gasping
for air, amidst the pain
shooting the legs and lungs.

Pure. Joy.

slight climbs, and
a long subtle decline
so Enduroâ„¢ bro!
I wish you were there
to share it with…

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i just wanted to share my experience today while riding the mountain bike alone.
it was just a short, quick ride, (32 kilometers in 1 hour 45 minutes).

thanks for reading!