Earthquakes Rock! Literally

so last night we had an earthquake. they said it was 1+ magnitude.

it happened about 3.20 am local time. me and my sister were watching a dvd called gossip girls. sounds ghey but we have no cable and all the tv channels are out.

i was lying down on the couch when the world was dancing, furniture was rocking side to side like hot sex.

i was unworried for the first few seconds but the tremor lasted for about 15 seconds.  i was certain that the roof of the house was going to collapse.

and then it stopped.  i heard some glasses shatter on the neighboring houses.  but all is well.

i was kind of hoping that when i get out and visit civilization aka out of the house, the city in ruins will be there. but no, everything is in order.

didn’t sleep until 6 am, hanged out w/ some friends, drank coffee and slept around 6.45



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