Guimaras Trip

Outing last friday – sun Aug 29 – 31
Lusaran – Calabagnan – Guimaras
then hapit sa iloilo, jaro, dumangas, back to bacolod

other pics ara sa other camera

click here LINKY for more Pics

^ coconut trees as seen in TV

^ Pump Boat Going to the secluded beach

^ our private white beach

minanol sa beach


Night Party

^ wasak wasak eh, sunday morning after whole night of jamming and few hours of sleep

^ the footwalk/Bridge going to the RESTHOUSE
unfortunately its we dont have the keys and slept in the kamalig instead

^ Resthouse dining area [the place was huge, w/ at least 6 rooms]

^ Pumpboat ride from Jordan, Guimaras to Iloilo city
only 13 Pesos per person 😉

^ old building in iloilo city ^

^ Most famous ROBERTO’S SHOPAO iloilo city
27 pesos massive pork job

^ Jeep going to Jaro , iloilo
netbytes / tito hummer’s place hapit lng kadali

^ Iloilo Provincial capitol

Dinner sa Dumangas Port [RoRo/Barge]
Brownout, ang trip to Bacolod 8pm pa

tripping lang Waiting for Boarding/embarkation
Inabnormal mode after dinner



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