Artists: Araknidus & aLJar3d | Release: Disturbanz (qd-4255)
“Two drum&bass masters team up to dish out an aggressive laser volley of tracks that proclaim the supremacy of two-step and jungle — even in 2009. Araknidus and aLJar3d both litter their music with speech samples and distorted synthlines, with tough beats and a love of sci-fi. Welcome to dystopia, enemy aliens, evil warlords, and mutant clones. Araknidus is the dubstep artist alias for Mike Madriaga (aka Evo Evolver) whose releases are on QED Records. Meanwhile, aLJar3d is a Bacolod City-based musician who has been travelling the Philippines bringing his DNB music everywhere.”

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Keywords: dubstep, 2-step, drum&bass, dnb, sci-fi Notes: 8 MP3s encoded at 128 to 192 kbps (VBR) 44.1kHz stereo. Total running time: 41:43



Download the entire album in one zipfile (45 MB – VBR).

click here to download : Disturbanz.zip

visit ARAKNIDUS myspace

visit EVO EVOLVER myspace

aLJar3d Myspace

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