My 1st Job

Teletech Bacolod: Technical Support. Account: Accenture

my dad said “[im] lucky to get a job even its recession time” lol whatever that means.

just signed the contracts this morning: about 20 different documents, 50+ pages, some 13 requirements. it was kind of tiring filling up all the forms haha.
Training Starts: May 18, 2009 Schedule: 4pm-12am
will go to BIR tomorrow with Jeduardo to get the TIN number and ID
i want to finish all documents and requirements this week so i can party before i start working.

this saturday we’ll have a music event called Fuck Rock Lets Party
i still dont even know if i’ll be performing there. i hope so, its been months since i’ve last played out.
i want to get the PC fixed [since it crashed last sunday] as soon as possible [should be tomorrow] so i can work on the tunes
hopefully i can finish the new techno and electro house bits ive been working on for the last several months
time for some new musix to play out

i promised to treat some friends with my 1st paycheck 🙂
and also to spend much of it for PC upgrades, thats my main priority!
next up should be studio gear like this sexy baby right here:

behringer active 2-way studio monitors
to get a clear and flat frequency response when making tunes



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