busy busy

school started some 3 weeks ago and its been hectic. i have 8 subjects: 5 of them major requisites, and even the 4 minors are still demanding, a total of 24 units. its quite challenging to balance all the stuff with the limited time i have. for the record, i have not one single absence in any of my classes.

academics and extra curriculars. ive joined 2 clubs. 1 is IDS.org, our department club. i wanted to be an officer, but didnt make the elections -_- although im not a fully functioning member, im like a PR dude for them, and the club president is a very good friend. so if he asks something of me, i gladly do it. another club i recently joined is [PSG] Production Support Group. this is very demanding and tiring. i just joined because my best friend RJ wanted to join. anyway i know a lot of PSG people and some of them are even my friends and/or classmates so all is well.

overall its good to be back in school, doing something productive, getting busy, being active with everything i can get my hands on, in between hanging out with friends, eating, coffee talks, late night drinking sessions on a week night, flirting with girls, online gaming, internets, blogging, and music production. viva la vita bella \m/



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