GRID Autosport – Benchmarks

GRID Autosport is the latest driving game from Codemasters

released this June 24, 2014

Metacritic statistics:


My video card is Sapphire HD6670 DDR5

Clock speed 800 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 4,000 MHz
Memory bandwidth 64 GB/s
Memory clock speed 1000Mhz
Video Memory – 128 -bit GDDR5
GPU – 40 nm Chip, 480 x Stream Processors


1st test – default settings (auto / high)


2nd test – with google chrome running (5 tabs)


3rd test – turned off some settings, changed some settings to low/medium from high/ultra


Ultra Low preset


Medium preset


Ultra High preset

i think i’ll just stick with the medium settings for now, since i will be having chrome on the background, and an mp3 player running as well.  turning off the in game menu and replay music.



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