Trevi Fountain

so just a few minutes ago i saw my uncle posting his travels on facebook. right now he is currently in rome, and he posted pictures of the various tourist spots including the popular colloseum and other attractions im not familiar with. suddenly i remember that my most favorite part of rome is the Trevi Fountain. i almost forgot the name, what came to my head was Treviche fountain. idk where’d i get the extra ‘che’ but oh well…

i didnt know anything about the fountain so before i wrote this post i read about it on wikipedia. it is of Baroque style and has a interesting history. i wont go into great detail but legend has it that thirsty Roman soldiers in those ancient times were guided by a young girl to a source of pure water. authorities commissioned an aqueduct to supply the water into inner city etcetera etc…

i think the fountain is really beautiful, the detail of the sculptures are insane. to call it an excellent work is an understatement. it looks so romantic, and has an ethereal, timeless, classic & old feel to it. the combination of white marble, the blue water and nice lights make it a really amazing image to behold

here are some beautiful pictures i saw in google image search



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