Why do i love going to movies alone

I love movies. and i love going to movie theaters to watch them. i like going to movies with my friends with similar minds and who have similar interests with mine.

Genres i really love: Science Fiction, Fantasy, adventure, etc…

Some movies i loved watching with friends in theaters: Thor, Star Trek, Walter Mitty, Lucy, X Men, Iron Man 3, Guardians of Galaxy, Big Hero 6, etc.

I love the fact that i get to geek out with them and noisily debate & discuss a film’s plot, characters, soundtrack, cinematography, science, costumes, visuals, and production values.

last night i watched Interstellar with 2 friends. we sat at the upper gallery, which i havent done in a VERY LONG TiME. we were silent most of the time, not as much as i want to, but because as respect for the film itself, and people. it wasnt packed but values dictate that one should be quiet in theaters.

I kept thinking to myself, how i miss going to the movies alone. it is one of may favorite quirkyalone activities. some movies i watched alone: District 9, Fast & Furious, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Here are some things i dont like when going to movies:

  • lots of people
  • must remain silent
  • heads in front of you partially blocking the screen
  • couples making out / touching each other, etc
  • hearing people’s annoying & stupid comments about the film
  • people’s celfone light/rington/conversation
  • people walking in and out

That being said, my favorite time and day to watch a movie is Tuesday morning. several weeks after the film’s release or opening day. Most preferably the day before the picture changes (Wed). there are very few people. students are in class, people are working. etc.

Reasons why i love watching movies alone:

  • get to choose wherever to seat (usually out front, 2nd or 3rd row near aisle)
  • no noise limit (sometimes i scream, yes)
  • no one to share food & drinks with
  • i get lost in my own world and own thoughts
  • no one to debate/argue with
  • no stupid noise from people
  • no disturbances, no distractions
  • can focus on movie uninterrupted

Movies are getting quite expensive these days, and i cant realisticaly afford to watch film in theaters.  Meanwhile i’m just staying in the comfort & familiarity of my own bedroom, geeking out, alone. 🙂



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