a political poast

this is a comment reply to this

ive never voted, ive never registered to vote. not planning to in the future, ever. i am apathetic. i am apolitical. i really dont care and dont want to. i might be hopeless w/ all our politics. i may be doing that just to avoid complaining about it. it is pointless, tragic, and helpless.

i love the philippines, i love this country, i love the places, but i hate all the politics and almost all the politicians. and i hate some/a lot of the population’s attitudes and behavior all around the country. this is a massive generalization but we all know it is true. and it’s my opinion so…

ive stayed in ph my entire life. ive only traveled once outside the country. i have a lot of friends and family and acquaintances leave the country for better opportunities, job, money, stable economy, healthy political climate, much better social services, etcetera etcetera. all the better nice things some nations have that we dont get here as normal citizens.

we hear a lot of bad things about PH from both pinoys abroad and foreigners. i cannot argue. you can debate all u want but the facts stand, and truth hurts. apathetic as i may be, i also get hurt and sad and angry and disappointed when i hear or read these things. it is mostly sorrow, pessimism, hopelessness, discouragement, and defeat. 😦

we have such a beautiful & lovely country w/ (seemingly) good people w/ (traditionally) good values & character, but we never get to get past our differences. it’s like we are stuck in the medieval ages. families feuding here and there, political dynasties warring against each other, candidates mudslinging against their competitors, political parties bickering to establish their agenda, businessmen and capitalists financing their bet to improve their positions, the list goes on for all the fucking negative shit we all do everyday.

i also am not helping to the whole situation. i am just content with living my own little life, making sure to not get involved with anything. what i can only do is implore you to vote for the best persons for their respective positons.. i leave this to you, because i personally removed myself from going through that headache of a chore.

i am not a duterte fan nor follower. i think he is a good guy but also not a perfect one. we know he also has a lot of mistakes and character flaws, and his methods may sometimes be rough and barbaric. but among all the others, he comes across as civil, educated, and humane as compared to others. holy shit this comment got lengthy. might as well end it with a



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