The Sads EP

yo guys please check a listen to my new EP released Dec 31 2014 The Sads EP
4 tracks, 18 minutes of slow, sad, minimal, downtempo music

url :


BizTym FairPlay Mix 2012 (free download)

i am giving away this collection of 9 tunes for free

i made these tunes at BizTym/FairPlay using JC’s HP laptop since i’ve no computer of my own .
i used FL Studio 9 for 8 of the tracks, and FL Studio 10 on 1 track only.
Different genres, different vibes, different feelings…

not really “seriously-made” tunes since i was limited to the workplace, the Time, samples, effects, VST’s, etc…
just playing around.,.. trying to get the hang of making tunes again… hobby hobby lang

click here to download:

listen to tunes here :

Loop Labs

create and remix music online

from their site:

Looplabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application and platform. Since 2000 we have connected millions of web users from around the world to the art of music mixing through our extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces.

aLJar3d – Delayed Summertide – QED Records – 6track EP [free download]

QED Records

What happens when you mix together the liquid grooves of urban jungle and the immediate intensity of youth? Oddly enough, in this case, the end product is combination of mature futurejazz, and quirky drum ‘n’ bass experimentation care of aLJar3d. Despite the occasional discordance, there is energy and studiousness here that displays the artist’s dedication to his craft.

“Delayed Summertide” is six tracks of sophisticated, funky, smooth but always energetic drum ‘n’ bass from a newbie that already knows where he’s going.

6 mp3s, encoded at approximately 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz stereo.
Total run time: 29:32

DOWNLOAD entire album as a single zip file (27 MB)

Download LOVE

This is where we take two of the more powerful mediums of this modern age: MUSIC and the INTERNET, and use it on a day meant for one of the most powerful moving forces in the universe: LOVE, to step to the left and to actually, honestly, and humbly try something different. In a world where love is traded around, taken for granted, and completely lacking in the most extreme of circumstances, let us take a stand together and bring it back, break it open, and set it loose into the world.

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